Gold Coast 50000

Payment Plan

Late Payment Plan

There is no longer a late payment plan as such, however customers who enter birds between November and January do have until April 1st to fully pay for their entries, whilst those paying at entry or earlier in full, receive a 5% discount.

As from 2020 there will be a minimum $30.00 deposit paid per bird at or prior to entry which will be non-refundable should birds not be fully paid for by the deadline of April 1st. Any unpaid birds will be forfeited to the Gold Coast 50000, used as loft spares or returned at the owners expense.

On a discretionary basis, any birds still unpaid by April 1st, will incur a further $30.00 per bird administration charge, but by May 1st, any birds still unpaid, will then be considered forfeited same as above.