Gold Coast 50000

Loft Spares

Loft Spares

Each year a limited number of loft spares are provided for several reasons, with extras taken on board for 2019 due to the very real threats of PPMV1 and rotavirus.

From time to time a client wishes to enter the GOLD COAST 50000 and either does not keep or breed racing pigeons, or on a rare occasion is a pigeon fancier but has not bred any but still wishes to take part.

From time to time one or more pigeons are lost homing, some are lost through accident, predation, and even illness. These birds are all able to be replaced before the closing date each year, however the owner may have finished breeding, or finds it an inconvenience getting to an airport for just one bird, or has finished breeding and has no other birds he/she can send.

If after allocating various birds towards replacements, or after providing birds to new or existing clients wishing to take part, the balance of these birds will be made available for sale.

Loft spares in the loft, but not purchased or sold, will still part take in all races, but cannot win prize money.

Loft spares will never be bred by myself as this would be (in my opinion) a conflict of interest.