Gold Coast 50000

Illness or Injuries

Illness or Injuries

  1. No birds entering the gold coast 50000 should be vaccinated prior to entering the loft for pigeon pox because this will be done once the final entrants have arrived, and would only cause an outbreak for those yet to be vaccinated.

  2. No birds entering the gold coast 50000 need to be vaccinated prior to entering the loft against PPMV1, however it is highly reccomended as it not only protects them against PPMV1, but also stimulates and boosts their immune system, further benefiting your birds in the fight to overcome any other problems, specifically issues like Rotavirus, However, all entries will be vaccinated within 48 hours of arriving at the loft unless already done, and repeated again 4-5 weeks later. If you have vaccinated your entries, please provide this information clearly on your entry sheet to avoid vaccinating a third or even fourth time, in bright bold red ink.

  3. Every effort should be made to send birds free of feather lice and pigeon fly.

  4. Every effort will be made from the first day to the last, in achieving the highest level of health for all birds.

  5. Whilst it may be necessary from to time to treat an individual bird for one reason or another, it will be a systematic procedure of control on a regular basis for various issues from worms, coccidia, wet canker, thrush, e-coli and of course respiratory infections. We believe heavily in prevention rather than treatment.

  6. Any bird that is injured will be nursed for as long as possible before training will continue if in fact the bird is capable of continuing. If it is deemed that a pigeon is unable to continue due to serious health issues or serious injury, this decision shall be final.

  7. If it is deemed on basketing for any of the 4 races that a pigeon is not well enough to compete, by way of health or injury, it will be left behind or scratched. This decision will be not be taken lightly, but will be final.