Gold Coast 50000

About the Race

About The Race

About The Race

The race and loft for this event is situated within 10km of 3 of the major theme parks (Dream World, Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild) making this the pigeon event the whole family will want to go to. The loft is also located just 25 minutes from Surfers Paradise, on 10 acres, with some room for spectators, with a good clearing for the birds, free of power-lines and fences.

The loft is large enough to accommodate 1500 birds with approximately 1700+ perches. After the first 7 years, entry costs have changed to fully paid birds only, with 3 cost structures to choose from. 3 to 6 entries will cost $375.00 each with no more to pay. 7 to 10 entries will cost $350.00 each with no more to pay. 11 entries or more will cost $325.00 each with no more to pay. In all instances a discount of 5% will be given where entries are paid for in full at entry or prior.

No race point will be advertised, rather it will be a series of races with approximate distances of 150 - 200km, 200 - 250km and 250 - 300km, with the feature race uptp 80km either side of 600km depending on weather conditions. The feature race is targeted at the second or third Sunday in September each year, with a scheduled southerly race program for 2014 onwards. All races are targeted to be held on a Sunday, however from time to time it may be necessary to hold a given race on a Monday or Tuesday, and quite possibly, as a last resort, the Saturday one day earlier than scheduled, should the previous options become unavailable due to unexpected weather forecasts that make racing unlikely. Whilst there are four races scheduled, this can be subject to change under extenuating circumstances, with the welfare of the pigeons and returns being paramount. With races 1 -3 being preparation flies for the feature race, every effort will be made in avoiding poor returns with a smash race, specifically avoiding south-east or easterly winds. This does not mean however avoiding northerly winds, whilst slower, the birds are able to maintain a straight line of flight. Only in extreme circumstances, the feature race distance of around 600km is down to discretion, keeping in mind animal cruelty and welfare issues.

After moving to the Gold Coast 9  years ago, I decided after early semi-retirement, that I had both the time and the level of commitment required, to make this one of Australia’s biggest and most successful One Loft pigeon races. My ability as a flyer is respected by many, having won back to back federation championships in 2006 and 2007,finishing 3rd in both 2008 and 2009 before moving to the Gold Coast. During this time I also won 13 Federation races in my last 6 years of competition, more than any other competitor during this period in a 70 membership federation. Along with my own success, I have ongoing help and support from Australia’s leading avian veterinarians from time to time, when required.

Together we are very confident in achieving a high standard of health and fitness in your birds, offering you a real and fair chance in winning great prize money. Entries will only be accepted during the dates outlined in Conditions of Entry. Entries arriving by air will only be accepted to Brisbane airport, Saturdays only, fortnightly, from late November to mid January, arriving between 12 midday and 5pm. Entries arriving by car will be accepted from 9am to midday, both Saturdays and Sundays, or by appointment. Birds will only be accepted on fortnightly weekends in order to closely monitor as well as minimize any health issues. Since the outbreak of PPMV1 and Rotavirus it is highly recommended that clients vaccinate their entries against PPMV1 once and even a second time 4 weeks later, not only protecting them against this highly infectious virous, but also stimulating their immune system providing possible benefits to fighting off rotavirus.  All entries must be paid for in full, on arrival or prior to arrival for a 5% discount, or by April 1st. All entries should ideally be feathered under the wing, and ideally would have not moulted more than two flight feathers in each wing (4 - 8 weeks of age) and be rung with a current year life ring. All birds will be recorded and monitored electronically by Benzing Australia with an M1, number 1 in electronic timing systems, providing ongoing assistance to keep you all up to date with both training and race results. Live cameras from outside the loft as well as inside the entry were used for the first time in 2016 available through youtube. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ENTERING THIS YEAR.