Training and Racing

AAfter the initial homing period, and having the birds training sufficiently well at their home after some months, having now been vaccinated for pigeon pox, as well as PPMV1 and coming through the moult, it would be expected that birds in the gold coast 50000 would be expected to fly a minimum of 20 tosses from 5km – 80km before being ready to fly 6 training runs from 100km, the three lead up races of 150 - 200km, 200 - 250km and 250 - 300km, followed by the feature race of 600km ( +/- 80km depending on forecasts ), which should be easily achieved by pigeons with good genetics, with a race of 7 to 10 hours for this final event likely.

All birds entered in to the GOLD COAST 50000 will compete in all 4 races, if fit and healthy, provided they have been fully paid for by the third race. No bird will be withdrawn for any reason at any time other than for genuine health reasons, including an injury that would not allow the bird to be capable of continuing.