Electronic Timing System

The gold coast 50000 will be using a Benzing M1 as well as eight large pads for timing in birds, with a further four pads likely for 2017. Once training is at 60km, each toss result will be here for all of you to see as to how your birds are going. Each bird when listed on a result sheet, whilst the life ring will be kept secret for security reasons, as well as sex and colour, the flyers name or syndicate name will be listed, along with the birds name. When your bird finishes 3rd in a training fly, you will be able to see who bred the two birds timing in before your own. Results will be live on the internet immediately after timing in without delay at www.one-loft-race.net The latest feature provided on the system will pay prize money to 10 places, referred to as the ACE PIGEONS feature, which will include every training fly at 100km, as well as the 4 races, rewarding the most consistently honest pigeons losing the least amount of time behind the first bird from each of these flies for the entire season, based on average velocity across the entire program. This feature will pay around 9.7% of the overall prize pool in 2016.